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To all the people following me, right now I’m taking a small break but I’ll be back to RP soon!

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CarLee A to Z  


A collection of CarLee drabbles with prompts in alphabetical order. Updates every week.

Chapter 3: Candor

The one thing that Lee loved most about Carley was her honesty.

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(sorry if this has been done already)


(sorry if this has been done already)

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/i tried to post this last night but i was having issues so here’s my dumb sketch


/i tried to post this last night but i was having issues so here’s my dumb sketch

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Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve decided to try and get back into rping though. If we had a thread, send me an ask on whether you want to continue it or not. If you don’t, would you like to maybe start a new thread?

It’s good to be back on here again!

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Now that I think about it, there are a lot of parallels between the fights between Carley and Lilly and Ben and Kenny.

I mean both Carley and Ben are targeted and hated for things they had (allegedly) done by the people affected the most by said crime. During the fight, one of the topics that come into play deal with the fact that while Kenny and Lilly both end up having nothing left, Ben and Carley didn’t have anything to begin with. Of course both fights aren’t exactly same seeing as Carley was innocent but it does make you think a bit.

Maybe one of the reasons why Carley got so attached and defensive of Ben is because she could understand just how alone he felt. Like him, she wasn’t really taken seriously by anyone (except Lee which was optional) and she didn’t have anyone either. Maybe they bonded over the fact that they both felt isolated and that’s why she took pity on him. She probably felt bad for him because even though she was alone too, at least the group saw her as useful even if they never listened to her.

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Carley is 135% done with this zombie apocalypse bullshit.

Carley is 135% done with this zombie apocalypse bullshit.

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Shot RP: dont-fuck-with-the-reporter and ask-lee-twdg 






"I wanted you guys to come home… I wished you’d come home and… and dad was hurt!" The girl said, turning and hugging Carley tightly, "I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for it to happen!"

"Honey, it wasn’t your fault! I’m just a protective idiot." Lee said, reaching out with his left hand and sighing. "I promise you. It was either me or mom in here. I’m happy it’s me."

"Oh baby," Carley said as she returned her daughter’s hug, holding her just as tight. "A wish didn’t make this happen."

Carley smoothed Clementine’s hair down, gently rocking her from side to side. “Your daddy was very brave tonight, he saved me from someone bad while we were on our way home. That had nothing to do with you.”

"I promise, sweetheart. That man wanted to hurt your mom. So I took the hit for her." Lee said, sending a sad smile to Carley behind the girl’s back.

"W-what happened?" Clem asked, still holding onto her mother tightly. The sobs had quietened, but she was still crying pretty hard.  

"A bad man tried to hurt me. You’re daddy saved me but he was hurt in the process." Carley answered as she continued to rock the girl until her crying stopped. She knew that Clem would never stop asking for details, so it would be best to just tell her now.

"It’s alright now though. Dad will get better and the police will make sure that man never hurts anyone again."

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Headcanon that on Carley’s birthday Lee gets her a shirt that says “Batteries Not Included.”

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I will be creating a character masterlist for the Walking Dead Game community. 

Canon characters an OC’s alike can be added. If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me an ask.